Friday, 15 April 2016

FINAL: Evaluation question 1

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products (i.e. music magazines).

When creating my magazine I was heavy influenced by the Clash magazine (issue 88 to be specific). I tried to replicate the font on the front cover so that my magazine would have a bold and edgy look like the Clash front cover has. The font of the title on this magazine matched the genre of my magazine, the white simplistic colour worked really well with the background image, which I really liked and wanted to implement on my front cover. Unlike the Clash name my magazine was a little bit longer and for this reason I had to make my title a little smaller.

For my font I decided to follow the Clash look and go for a simplistic, edgy look.

I couldn’t have my text as bold as there are too many characters in my title.  I chose the name True Sound as it reflects the indie rock genre well as the genre for the real music. Most of the music that is played is played at gigs. Most of the music and bands that are found are found at live gigs that are cover artist for the headliners. There for the genre music is real and gets little editing.

The graphology of my front cover is challenging the Z, H or E basic layout to produce something more unique. My magazine has a simplistic look and easy to view. The image is the main centerpiece in my front cover. I have laid the magazine out very much like the Clash magazine. I have made sure that my barcode and price is visible on the front cover I have done this by changing the colour of the font to a black; this makes it stand out and readable on the white background.

The costumes that I have chosen for my band is of the target audience that I have. I have chosen to put them in ‘football casual’ wear and with my model magazine being very fashionable and being very fashion related. For my magazine to look professional and to look like my model magazine then would have to get the costumes and the outfit’s right. For the costumes I have decided to put my models in Ellesse, Pretty Green. On my front cover you can see my band members in a white Ralph Lauren top and another in a white Fred Perry polo, this gives my magazine a professional look and the style and brands I am looking for that appeal to my target audience.

For the hairstyles I decided that I would not have a certain style or few styles that I would have them in and instead I went with a natural look to show that they don’t care and with the band name ‘The Violent Boys’.

For my camera work and framing of my photo I chose to use a mid to long shot. I felt that if I used this frame in my photos then I would get a mise en scene that would reflect my genre. In my photo on my front cover the models can be seen looking at the camera, this I felt was powerful in attracting my target audience as when the magazine would be viewed on the shelf then the audience would make eye contact with those on the front cover and would attract attention. On my double page spread I have my model looking away from the camera, I did this to create an effect of him looking out to the distance and into the future as most of the article is about the future of the band and what they look to do this year.

On my double page spread I tried to make it as simple as I could, I did this to suit the taste of my target audience I have used the Alte Haas Grotesk for my masthead this gives it a simple and clear look. This font can also be seen in the Clash magazine to give it a professional feel. For my body of text at the bottom I have used the Verdana font. This gives the text again a professional look. 

For my contents page I decided to go for something really simplistic, black and white with a bit of colour in the images. I decided on this look as it would suit the rest of my magazine, I felt that a hectic contents page with lots of things going on would not appeal to my target audience and it wouldn’t go with the overall theme that I am trying to get. The images on the contents page are previews of what to expect from that page in the magazine. They also add some colour to the contents page.

The genre that I am targeting is the Indie Alternative/Rock genre. The indie alternative/rock genre is related and heavily loved by the ‘New Casual’ UK tribe. I have portrayed the New Casual on my front cover by the choice of fashion for my models. With them being dressed in Fred Perry and Ralph Lauren this will attract the audience that I am looking to attract, as they will see the brands. On my front cover I also have a list of the bands that will feature in the magazine and this will attract more of target audience that will like these bands. My magazine is different from other magazines and there would be a noticeable difference from mine to a Kerrang or Mojo magazine, which is where it will be placed on the shelf next to them.

My artist is represented as an Indie/Alternative artist. I have done this to attract my target audience. My artist represents the genre well as the new casual people that I am looking to attract will wear this clothing. They both also look arrogant in the photos and have a "bad boy" rebellious attitude about them which again increases the idea that it is an indie/new casual magazine.

The colours that have chosen to use are simplistic colours. I have chosen to use these because I took inspiration from the Clash magazine and this magazine used the simplistic colour choice and I thought it looked professional and the Clash magazine has the same target audience as me so it must appeal to them. The simplicity represents the alternative theme I have.

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